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For over two decades, we have dedicated to serving our clients with unparalleled divorce and family legal support. But this journey has always meant so much more to us; it’s about championing your family’s future and fighting for a brighter tomorrow.

We are thrilled to reveal our new name, which better conveys our vision, what we stand for, and how we are doing things differently – introducing Genesis Legal Group!

This change is the culmination of two years of meticulous planning and soul-searching. We sought out a name that encapsulates the essence of new beginnings and promises a future filled with optimism and hope. “Genesis,” in the biblical sense and beyond, means New Beginnings. “Genesis” holds deep significance, evoking a spirit of fresh starts and boundless opportunities – precisely what our mission represents for you.

With this exciting New Beginning, we are expanding our array of services and legal counsel, going above and beyond to meet your diverse needs. From August 1, 2023, we proudly offer Criminal Defense, DUI, and Personal Injury services, in addition to our existing Family and Juvenile Law services. Our carefully selected team of aligned attorneys, who share our values of empathy and excellence, stand ready to support you through any challenges you may face.

At Genesis Legal Group, we are driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence and our pledge to stand by your side in every step of the way. Your trust and loyalty have been the bedrock of our success, and we are honored to have even more ways to support you during critical moments in life.

We remain committed as always to being there for you and upholding our values of Authentic Advocacy, Leadership, Impact, Victory, and Empowerment as an entire team.

Thank you for being an essential part of our story. We look forward to continuing to serve you in your fight for a brighter tomorrow. We’ll always be here to fight for you and win with you.

Warmest Regards,

Kevin Jensen & James Hansen

Meet Our Team

Kevin Jensen AZ Family Law

Kevin Jensen

Co-Founder | Managing Attorney - Mesa/Gilbert

Goldie Ludwig AZ Family Law


Associate Attorney

Alyssa Oubre AZ Family Law

Alyssa Oubre

Managing Attorney - Glendale

Ryan Claridge AZ Family Law

Ryan Claridge

Associate Attorney

Heidi Davis

Heidi Davis

Associate Attorney

Pamela Trachtman Allen AZ Family Law

Pamela Allen

Associate Attorney

Karl Webster AZ Family Law

Karl Webster

Associate Attorney

Sean Whitaker AZ Family Law

Sean Whitaker

Associate Attorney

Peter Davis AZ Family Law

Peter Davis

Associate Attorney

Ruby Torres AZ Family Law

Ruby Torres

Associate Attorney

Debora Levine AZ Family Law

Debora Levine

Associate Attorney

Keith Evans AZ Family Law

Keith Evans

Associate Attorney

Thomas Hogle AZ Family Law

Thomas Hogle

Associate Attorney

Brian Garner AZ Family Law

Brian Garner

Of-Counsel Associate Attorney

Genesis Family Law

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